Where to buy Cowboy Boots in Austin, Tx

Given the number of shops and brands of cowboy boots in Austin, it is easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to making a good choice. To avoid being disappointed, it is advisable to know the best places to go to for quality boots. 

This article outlines some of the best places to buy cowboy boots in Austin. This list was picked considering the reputation of the brand. The cowboy boots stores listed here have garnered a healthy reputation in the market and have consistently satisfied their customers. You cannot go wrong with a choice from these stores. 

Places to buy quality cowboy boots in Austin

Although there are many places to buy cowboy boots in Austin, you cannot walk into just any store and expect to get your specs. This is why you need direction to the right stores. Here are the top cowboy boot brands to patronize:

Allens Boots

Allens Boots is a trusted brand when it comes to cowboy boots. This company is large and has been in operation since 1977. The large showroom showcases boots of different styles, designs and sizes. This is one of the best places where hipsters and ranchers go to find functional and well decorated cowboy boots. 

The customer service in this store is top notch. There are workers ready to attend to you and answer every question you might have. They can show you around and assist you in getting a booth that best meets your needs. If you want to get a complete outfit, you can also get quality cowboy belts and hats in this store.

Allens Boots

Texas National Outfitters

Texas National Outfitters is the best place to get handcrafted cowboy boots of different styles, designs and sizes. The boots are made of quality leather and are guaranteed to last for a lifetime. This is the place to find cowboy boots that are made with precision and care to ensure they have a unique feel and touch. 

Some of the boots are made right there in the store. The Texas National Outfitters is also a suitable supplier of other handcrafted leather items like belts. The prices of items here may be a little bit on the high side for some people but every penny you spend on your boots is worth it.

Heritage Boot

Heritage Boot is reputable for selling fancy cowboy boots. It is a store where you can get practical boots that do not compromise on aesthetics. Here you can find boots with the most unique designs like desert landscapes.

This company was featured in Forbes magazine in 2011 and this has increased the traffic tremendously. Another reason why this company has recorded a high inflow of buyers is that the boots are handcrafted and designed to meet the highest mark. The boots are made with the tiniest detail in mind, making them suitable for the most personal of demands. 

Accessing this store is easy. Heritage boot is located in Congress Avenue, making it a strategic location for easy accessibility. 

Heritage Boot

Austin Boot Barn

If you’re looking for a store that sells a wide range of cowboy boots, Austin Boot Barn is the right place to be. Here you can find boots made from different materials. If you want something unique, you can find it in this store. 

Here you can find cowboy boots made from the skin of animals like alligators, python, and even ostrich. You can buy boots with different unique styles and designs. The store also offers a complete outfit if you need items like cowboy skirts, belt, hat, vests, and jackets. 

There are also items for kid cowboys. This is a place where you can get one of the most stylish cowboy hats for your kids. This store is the definition of versatility, aesthetics and functionality.

Texas custom boots

As the store’s name implies, this is the best store for custom-made cowboy boots. The boots are handcrafted and made to suit your specifications. This is the store where you make your demands and they make your boots accordingly. They are experts in making leather as well as vintage boots.

Aside from custom-made boots, you can also refurbish your old boots into new ones in this store. These craftsmen are so talented that they can make an old boot come alive with new insoles and heels. You can also get other items from this store to complete your outfit like leather bracelets and belts.

Texas Boot Company

This store has everything a cowboy needs. The boots you can find here cut across a wide range of aesthetic and practical offerings. You can find boots with classic designs as well as unique-to-you designs.

There are also activities that are designed to entertain cowboys. For instance, there are parties that are meant to showcase cowboys’ roping skills. You can also find all the items to complete a cowboy look such as purses, jewelry, hats and jackets. 

Monkies Vintage and Thrift

If affordability and aesthetics are your major concerns when you are shopping for cowboy boots, Monkies Vintage and Thrift is a store you should consider. There are many boots you can get for a fair amount. This store has stylish boots for both male and female.

You can get boots of conventional styles as well as unique designs that tend towards eccentricity. Shopping in this store is reliable and easy because you can easily find whatever it is you need. 

Tiny’s Western Shop

If you’re in north Austin or you want to shop around this area, visit Tiny’s Western shop for the best cowboy boots you can find in the market. This store deals on new boots images of different sizes and designs. Here, you can find something for adults as well as kids. 

And if you need other items like jackets, hats, wallets, hat bands, and other items to go with your cowboy boots, you can also get quality and custom-made ones in this store.

Tiny's Western Shop

Tips for choosing where to buy cowboy boots in Austin

A problem some people have is that even after finding a good store to buy quality cowboy boots, making the perfect choice is a problem. Here are some pro tips to help you in making the right choice when you buy your cowboy boots in any of the amazing stores in Austin.

Do not compromise on suitability

There is no one-size-fits-all or one style-suit-all when it comes to buying cowboy boots. And one thing that can be so disappointing is walking into a store with a lot of cowboy boots without finding anyone that fits you. It is either the sizes are too small or too big. Always get something that suits you best, irrespective of the cost.

Always go for quality

There are many boots you can find in a store just as there are many stores to get a boot. In both instances, there’s a chance that you can land an inferior boot. Always good for quality products, no matter the amount they come in. 

It is better to spend on a quality boot than to get a cheaper one that will not save you for a long time. An inferior boot will only send you back to the store in a short while. The stores listed here are a good place to buy boots.

Always considered the cost

Always consider the cost when you shop for cowboy boots. You do not have to break the bank to get quality boots. Cheaper doesn’t mean inferior. At the same time, you should not get a cheap boot at the expense of quality and aesthetics. The cost should be balanced.

Speak with someone

Whether you speak to a seasoned cowboy with experience in buying boots or the attendant at the store, it helps to speak with someone to help you get the right boot. Consider the functionality, design, and size that meets your specs. 

In large stores, you can always get someone to attend to you. Letting them know what you are looking for will help them help you better. 

Consider the functionality

How practical your boots are should be your topmost concern when buying new ones. Your boot should be comfortable to help you use it well. Ensure they are not too tight and your toes have enough room to wiggle. They should fit snugly and should allow for movement without pinching you.

Explore and make a choice

Before you finally settle with a specific place to shop for your cowboy boots, it is advisable to surf the net and check out different brands’ collections. Check out the sizes, styles, designs, and materials. You can also check out the cost of these boots. 

Doing this for different stores will help you pick one that ticks your boxes. This way you will be happy with your purchase.


There are many places to buy cowboy boots in Austin Texas. The stores listed here are some of the best to patronize. These stores have been around for some time and have garnered a reputation for selling quality cowboy boots and satisfying customers.