What you need to know about job opportunities in Austin

Austin is known as one of the biggest cities in the USA and the capital of Texas. It is a metropolitan city and home to over two million people. Like most big cities in the USA, it is considered a bit expensive to live in and has a forecasted GDP per capita of $69,052.

Austin boasts of an expansive job market which is growing gradually and there are many high paying jobs available there. Do you want to work in Austin? Are you tired of your present job and want to move to Austin for better opportunities? Are you interested in a career change and you need a US city to offer you a better life, you should consider finding a job in Austin! 

This post will enlighten you about popular jobs in Austin and the best industry to work in the city.

Business Opportunity

The business sector in Austin offers everyone a good opportunity to make lots of money. There are many opportunities to work and many companies in Austin are seeking business-oriented people. You will find top tech firms like Apple, Samsung and Dell seeking people versed in business, economics, HR and finance. 

However, for you to get a good job in the business sector, you should have a good degree and some months of experience. While some startups hire young grads as interns, the top firms seek a managerial role for experienced business executives. 

You could get jobs as a marketing executive, sales manager and CEO. The pay averages around $130,563 yearly to $226,273 depending on the firm you work for.


Like many cities in the USA, the health industry in Austin remains one of the best places to work. This is a very lucrative sector which pays very high to trained staff. One major benefit of this industry is that you don’t necessarily need to have a university degree, all you need is the technical knowledge of health and a certification in your field. 

For medical jobs in Austin like doctors, surgeons or nurses, you need at least some form of certification to work in major hospitals. There are many positions in health available in pharmacies, clinics and care centers. It also offers a flexible work schedule and comes with incentives.

The salary of healthcare workers depends on your position and the health center you are working with. However, Irrespective of your job, their salary hovers around $150,687 to $250,453 yearly. Healthcare technician jobs in Austin, TX can pay anywhere from $30,000 all the way up to $80,000. 

Engineering Jobs in Austin, TX

Another high-paying job opportunity in Austin can be found in the engineering sector. There are many tech locations in the city and you can be sure of finding a job that will serve your purpose. You will find many computer firms that are seeking qualified engineers in software and hardware. 

Weekly, there are many openings in top engineering firms for those who wish to work in the sector. Jobs you can find in the industry include mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, petroleum engineering, systems engineering and chemical engineering. The pay for these jobs is also great and you would earn an average of $122,344 to $ 169,662 yearly.


Legal Jobs in Austin, TX

The legal sector in Austin also offers people a chance to make a living in the USA. Legal experts from lawyers to judges usually earn big salaries because it is a professional job. Sometimes there are more cases to attend to with fewer lawyers. 

The city is filled with many law firms with reputations also, you are assured of getting some firms who need some legal advice in their business. The job opportunities for lawyers in Austin include clerks, judges, and attorneys. You will earn an average of $ 96,542 to $155,652 yearly.

If you love a competitive industry and have a passion for law, you will get an opportunity in Austin.

IT Jobs in Austin, TX

Austin is a top tech hub in the USA, therefore expect to get a good job in the technology industry. You are assured of finding well-paying jobs in this sector because there are many blue-chip companies in Austin. Jobs available in this sector include computer and systems engineer, network administrator and Mobile engineering. 

You can get high salaries ranging from $112,456 to 161,377 yearly. The prospects of making it in this sector are huge, especially for those with degrees and some years of experience.

Administration and support Jobs in Austin, TX

This is another good sector where you can find great jobs in Austin. Many firms in the state have started employing many people who know about administration and support. Jobs you could find in this sector include logistics manager, logistics officer, and support assistant. 

Last year alone, Austin employed about 10,000 people in various works in this sector. Workers in this sector can make about $78,678 to $120,089 yearly.

Human Resources Jobs in Austin, TX

If you are into human resources and employment services, then Austin might be a good place to find a job. Many outsourcing companies are seeking experienced hires with good knowledge of human relations. With the common clash between employers and employees, the need to have an in-house HR expert has surged in most companies in Texas. 

Jobs you can get in this sector are Outsource expert, in-house HR and human managers. Earnings in this sector average around $112,322 to $145,500.

Hospitality Jobs in Austin, TX

The hospitality sector was badly affected by covid-19 and Austin was not left out. Many clubs, bars, resorts and restaurants were badly affected. Many were forced to close down due to patronage. However, since knockdown restrictions in the country have been lifted, this industry is booming again. There are now more openings for those who wish to work in this sector. 

If your forte is in the hotel business, entertainment or hospitality, then you need to come to Austin. They have very flexible schedules and nice incentives for experienced people. The average salary ranges from $85,786 to $122,656. Jobs you can get in this sector include bartenders, hotel managers, bouncers, hype person, artists and ticketers.

Retail Jobs in Austin, TX

If you are the self-employed type and seeking a good USA state to sell goods, Austin is very lucrative. There are many openings for those who want to sell clothes, electronics and other commodities. There are also openings for sales gals and marketers who can help move goods quickly. It comes with lots of commissions and flexible working conditions.

Retail jobs in Austin

Restaurant Jobs in Austin, TX

The food industry remains one of the biggest industries in the world and Austin has not left aside. Everyone eats, so there is no way the food business will not thrive in this city. You can sell food (with permits) in public places, and in private firms and make good money. 

However, be careful because some districts might require you to have some permits before you can sell. As someone in the food business, you can make up to $86,700 to $130,500.

Transportation Jobs in Austin, TX

Another crucial sector where you can find many job opportunities in Austin is the transportation industry. There are many openings in this sector and you can make lots of money working with the various transport services. There are private transport firms like Uber and also the government has many opportunities. You could work in train stations, bus stations or privately.

Waste Management Jobs in Austin, TX

Irrespective of where anyone resides, they will still need to trash the bins. Waste management companies are many in Austin which offer you the chance to make some cash taking out the trash. Aside from waste management, you could also engage in cleaning services because most times in Austin, they go together. You can work as a trash collector, driver or customer service Officer.

Digital Marketing Jobs in Austin, TX

The Internet has offered many people the chance to make money using the Web. There are many Web opportunities that young graduates and experienced professionals can engage in Austin. You can get jobs as a digital marketer, copywriter, social media manager and content creator. These jobs make as much as $100,500 – $150,780 yearly.

Oil and Gas Jobs in Austin, TX

Texas is an oil-producing state and Austin boasts of some juicy oil and gas jobs for interested people. You can get jobs in oil companies as a rigger, geologist or tanker driver. This industry employs thousands of skilled and unskilled workers regularly and you could be lucky.

Oil well in Austin Texas

Park and Recreation Jobs in Austin, TX

More people have reduced spending on expensive travel and vacations. They are now into exploring local parks and attractions. If you are creative and can perform to a large audience, you can make a living in Austin. Many people are stressed and need someone to make them happy and some activities that will take their mind off all their troubles. You can earn between $65,455 to $100,688.

Sports Jobs in Austin, TX

Sport is another huge industry which offers many people job opportunities. There are sports teams which you can apply to in the city as there are many jobs. You could be a baseball player, a footballer, a tennis player and other sports.

You could also work as a ticker seller, groundsman, cheerleader or fitness coach. In Austin, there are limitless opportunities.


When choosing a state in the USA that can offer you the best job opportunities, Austin remains a top choice. There are various jobs in which you can earn huge salaries, have a good health package and commissions.