Top 3 Elementary Schools in Austin, Texas

Education is an essential part of life. This explains why many people aim to attend the best schools around. In kids’ formative years, the schools they attend are very essential. It is the phase of life where they learn life skills and develop good habits. It is the phase of life that sets them up for life. If they get the wrong education or they happen to be at the wrong school, a lot of things can go wrong. 

If you wish to pick the best three elementary schools in Austin, Texas, you must be wondering where to start. Considering the number of schools around, you might be wondering if you’d make a smart choice. Yes, you can make a smart choice if you’re properly guided. This article rises to the task and presents you with the top three elementary schools in Austin, Texas.

While selecting the top three schools, we paid particular attention to the necessary qualities a good elementary school should have. Here are the top three elementary schools in Austin, Texas.

Challenger School – Avery Ranch

Challenger School is dedicated to the all-round development of children. They have a great academic curriculum that caters to the intellectual development of the student as well as enriching them in other areas. It is a school that is dedicated to improving children’s thinking and problem-solving skills. They teach subjects like Math,  Composition,  French, Science, History, Geography, and other essential subjects. 

There is provision for different class grades from preschool to 8th grade. The teachers in the school are passionate and dedicated to the children’s progress. They work with enthusiasm and are responsive. The tuition fee is fair and affordable for most people. This is a school that lets you give the best education to your kids without breaking the bank. 

Meridian World School

Meridian World School is a public elementary school that is reputable for diversity, academic excellence, and a good education system. The school is open to people from all walks of life and has been highly rated for inclusion. The school has a high academic standard, with students being proficient in Math and Reading. It has a 100% graduation rate. 

The students to teacher ratio is 15 to 1. The teachers are committed to service and approach students with friendliness and love. The school’s health and safety rules and facilities are top-notch. This is one reason why this school is one of the safest places to have your kids. You can take a virtual tour of the school to have an idea of what they have to offer before making any commitments.

Divine Savior Academy Santa Rita Ranch

Divine Savior Academy is dedicated to the growth of the students. The school offers a friendly, caring, and Christian environment where your kids are taught morals and brought up in Christianity. Here, you are sure your kid will develop intellectually, physically, as well as spiritually. The school has dedicated and caring teachers that are highly trained and qualified. These teachers make students’ welfare a priority. The school has the necessary learning facilities, from comfortable classrooms to outdoor facilities. 

The school has an early childhood program that is centered on well-researched approaches and results. They also have an elementary program that is not only an effective takeover from the childhood program but a good preparatory stage for middle School. The Middle School program builds a solid foundation for high school. It is the phase where kids acquire the skills necessary for taking advanced courses and succeeding in high school.

One hallmark of this school is the low student-teacher ratio that accord students the attention they deserve. Every child is unique and deserves to be treated as such. At Divine Savior Academy, every child’s uniqueness is celebrated. After taking a tour of the school and inquiring about the academic system, parents are mostly satisfied.

Divine Savior Academy Santa Rita Ranch

Other great schools

Aside from these top three schools, some compete with top places and will also make great choices for any well-meaning parent or guardian. Here are two of them:

Bridge Point Elementary School

Students who attend Bridge Point Elementary School are usually very intelligent. This is a result of the hard work of teachers in the school. The teachers are highly qualified and trained to cater to the children’s academic needs. The school has a student-to-teacher ratio of 13 to 1, giving room for effective teaching and attention to kids.

The school has a conducive environment and ultra-modern facilities that make learning interesting and impactful. Bridgepoint elementary school is reputable for diversity. The school has students from different economic as well as cultural backgrounds. This helps to broaden the children’s horizons and improve their intercultural and interpersonal relations. This school has a positive review from Austin residents. You can have a tour of the school before taking your kids there. 

Forest Trail Elementary School

Forest Trail Elementary School has an enviable record of students’ academic success, with 89% of the students proficient in Reading. The teacher ratio is 13 to 1 giving the teachers room for close monitoring and ample attention to kids. The teachers are friendly and passionate, relating with kids. 

The learning resources and the academic system is apt, not only enriching children with knowledge but helping them learn with enthusiasm. The school has top-notch facilities that make it a great learning environment. The school has an appreciable level of diversity that aids students in developing interpersonal and communication skills.

Tips for picking elementary schools in Austin Texas

You cannot just pick any elementary school to take your kids to or recommend for others. You have to choose from the best. However, as simple as this might sound, it might be difficult to do. But if you are properly guided, you are one step ahead in making the right choice. Here are some pro tips to help you pick the right elementary school in Austin, Texas.

Do thorough research

There are many schools in Austin, Texas. Before you decide to take your kids to one of them, you should do thorough research. Research the learning facilities, health facilities, qualification of teaching staff, school curriculum, and every other essential area. To decide if the school is great for your child’s academic goals, it is advisable to check the test scores to see the school’s performance. Sometimes, the kids’ academic performance is a reflection of the school’s teaching quality.

Check parents testimonials

Check out for parents’ testimonials before you decide on taking your kids to a school. A school with healthy practices will allow people to see their parents’ testimonials. You can rely on these testimonials to judge how your experience will be. Parents usually care for their children’s welfare and will speak well of a school that caters to it as well.  

You may even have access to the school’s Parent Teacher Association meetings which will grant you access to other parents. You may want to speak with some of them before you make your final decision.

Visit the school

Visiting a school you are looking into gives you the opportunity to ask all necessary questions to the right authority. You can see the environment, facilities, classrooms, and other areas for yourself. You can ask questions about the teaching staff and how qualified they are. You can ask questions about their homework and assignments and the approaches they take. You should also get to know about their disciplinary measures. 

Speak with other parents

You can get a lot of insight into what school is best by speaking with other parents who have their kids in schools. Those who are having a bad experience will be open to discussing it and help you avoid making certain mistakes. Those who are impressed with their schools will also offer some insight that will help you in the right direction. 

Use a great guide

Sometimes, you may not know who to speak to when it comes to picking the right elementary school. Perhaps you are new to an area and need trustworthy information on the choice to make. Having the right guide will help you scale the decision-making process and be happy with the choice you make. 

This guide picks the top five elementary schools in Austin, Texas. The schools are selected because they have ticked the necessary boxes when it comes to academic standards as well as a conducive learning environment. They have been in operation for some years and have an impressive reputation to show for it. Making a choice out of these schools is a smart move because they have been certified conducive for kids and parents have rated them positively.


These top five elementary schools in Austin, Texas, are reliable for their great academic system. The teaching staff is qualified and well-trained to cater to kids’ welfare and academic needs. The learning environments are conducive, and the facilities are top-notch. The schools are dedicated to academic excellence, and this is visible in the children’s academic performance. The schools have impressive levels of diversity that aid students’ acquisition of personal and effective communication skills.