Outlet Malls In Austin TX

Austin, TX, is infamous for its cultural, historical, musical feats, and the wonderful shopping experience it offers. Ranging from just modern to latest fashions, Austin, TX, offers the most trendy and best shopping options available for locals, tourists, and visitors. 

In this article, you are going to be discovering the best outlet malls in Austin, TX, including the pros and cons of shopping with them. 

Keep reading to discover the outlet malls that you might love to check out when next you are in Austin.

Mueller Regional Retail Center

Name anything you want. Salons? Food? Or shopping? You can find them at the Mueller Regional Retail Center. Major local restaurants, retail giants, and chain eateries can all be found at the place.

Mueller Regional Retail Center is the topical retail constituent of the sizable seven hundred acre redevelopment project going on at the Mueller Airport. 

It has a convenient location away from downtown Austin and the University of Texas, and is fastly turning into a major destination for visitors within the MSA. Mueller Regional Retail Center also has complementary components which includes Austin Film Studios, a hotel, the Dell Children’s Hospital and research campus, and about five thousand, seven hundred new homes all sharing across entrance, parking, and access points.


  • The proximity between Mueller Regional Retail Center and other town areas is reasonable, so it’s always a great place to start your shopping.
  • They offer great products and shopping deals including a wonderful selection of local services.
  • They have a provision of plentiful parking and traffic patterns are understandable and easy to follow, making it safe for pedestrians. 


  • Due to the range of products they offer, the place can sometimes be congested.

The Domain

The Domain is a trendy shopping mall situated in Austin, TX. It is known for the major fashion and technology options that it offers all in one place. Although it originally started out as a technology hub, the Domain has quickly spread into several stores with a little bit of everything especially fashion. 

Situated in a setting that is park-like, The Domain features over fifty exclusive upscale and mainstream retail stores with a multi-phased development anchored by Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Dillard’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

A sampling of retailers include infamous boutiques such as Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, David Yurman, All saints, and the only Neiman Marcus available in Austin. It also features traditional retailers including Banana Republic, Eagle Outfitters, Express, and others. 

Part of the restaurants you can find at The Domain comprises favorites like Kitchen, Grand Lux Cafe, North Italia, True Food Kitchen, Maggiano’s Little Italy, and Kona Grill. 

With everything that the Domain comprises including departmental stores, escape rooms, local boutiques, food courts, juiceries and distributors of seafood, combined with the ideal location of the center and other outstanding amenities, it is truly a place that can meet your shopping needs.


  • It has higher end store selections so you can get almost anything you want.
  • Great opportunities for photos and shooting that visitors love.
  • Localized access to upscale designers without having to spend all the extra fee.


  • Area can sometimes be crowded, and there’s no ample parking space.

Central Park Shopping Center

Central Park is a shopping center located in Austin, Texas. It is situated close to Central Texas Rehabilitation Hospital and nearby the Central Park Post Office. 

Central Park Shopping Center remains one of the most popular shopping areas in Austin. Not only does it offer shopping, but the exquisite outdoor dining and recreational areas are not left out, with a layout that makes it a gorgeous case study in multi-agency coordination and mixed-use design.

The shopping center is a market with a wide range of selection of locally sourced produce and organic foods coupled with several retail options for various shopping needs. Additionally, Central Park has a playground that kids love and enjoy and a wonderful sitting area with plenty of shade. Visitors can sometimes catch some live music when they visit Central Park during the weekend as well.


  • Central Park is wonderful for visitors who love adventure with the enormity it offers.
  • They have an astounding array of food and beverage.
  • Access to quality, good food at reasonable prices.


  • Does not offer a wide range of fashion options.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum is an upmarket retail area in Austin, Texas. It is a trade area located in the northwest area of Austin, Texas, and centered roughly on the convergence of Research Boulevard, which is the Capital of Mopac Expressway and the Texas Highway.

Being a top outdoor mall in Austin, the Arboretum mixes upscale retail stores with an Austin experience that is down-to-earth. Everything available at Arboretum is of high quality, including the gorgeous boutiques, organic foods, and fair-trade retailers. 

Apart from all these listed above, the Arboretum provides a relaxing outdoor atmosphere that hosts movie nights, exercise classes, and hosts shoppers as an escape route from the hectic city life.


  • Arboretum has fantastic green spaces.
  • Wonderful assortment of restaurants and shops.
  • Wide variety of tasty food options.


  • Due to spacing problems and congestion, finding a parking space can be difficult.

The Arboretum

Barton Creek Square

Barton Creek Square is an enclosed shopping mall situated in the southwest area of Austin, Texas, United States of America. Barton Creek is near the intersection of Texas State Highway Loop 360 and Texas State Highway Loop 1, and named after Barton Creek in Texas. 

If you’re looking for a modern, sleek outlet mall in Austin, Texas, then you should consider Barton Creek. With the two floors of kiosks and shops available, you can spend enough time taking a walk, sightseeing, and enjoying yourself. The tasty meal offered at the food court is also something that you would love to try.


  • Great deals on items and products sold at the mall
  • Different varieties of tasty food and cuisines
  • Offers clean area and nice amenities


  • The major disadvantage of visiting Barton Creek Square is overcrowding, especially during the weekends.

The Shops At Arbor Walk

Arbor Walk has a beautiful linear layout, so you can walk up and down sightseeing and browse the quirky and cool shops as many times as you wish. 

The open-air mall is a wonderful place to shop and dine with several dining options to help you stay refreshed and full while you enjoy your shopping spree.


  • Nice outdoor areas for sitting and eating with plenty of delicious food.
  • Varieties of fashion stores to shop from


  • The parking lot is very crampy

Frequently Asked Questions About Outlet Malls in Austin

What Is The Largest Premium Outlet?

The largest premium outlet is Woodbury. Woodbury has the biggest collection of designer outlets around the globe. Among the two hundred and twenty outlet stores, you will find the likes of Prada, Armani, Gucci, and Burberry.

Woodberry also has plenty of free WiFi, shade, and proper American hospitality with lots of brand ambassadors ready to render help to shoppers.

What Malls Do They Have In Austin, Texas?

The malls that they have at Austin, Texas includes Highland Mall at North Austin, Barton Creek Square Mall at West Austin, Lakeline Mall, South Congress Avenue, Austin Farmers’ Market, Arboretum, and Barton Creek Farmers Market among others.

Why Are Outlet Stores Cheaper?

Outlet stores are cheaper because most of the items made for them are produced with less expensive fabrics and with less details that make the clothes of that named brand expensive. 

Although modern outlet stores do not sell primarily lower quality products, what they do sell sometimes are leftover items still in good condition from a different season.

Do You Save Money At An Outlet Mall?

Though you might not save as much money as you imagine, you might still be able to save some little money. A study carried out by researchers compared similar items from regular locations and outlet malls. The result was that most goods from the outlet stores were about 3% to 72% cheaper than when they were purchased at retail locations.

Do Outlet Goods Have Less Quality?

A major difference between a store and an outlet is the overall quality of the products and goods that they sell. 

Many major retailers do not intentionally reduce the quality of their goods or products with the intention to sell them at outlet stores, but they do make use of outlet stores to sell items that are out of season and overstocked items at cheaper prices. 

The products are still of good quality, but the retailers do not have enough room to store these items.


People love to travel and visit beautiful places when they do, especially to shop and have a feel of the environment. Naturally, we are sometimes on the hunt to find the best places when we travel somewhere new especially if they offer wonderful services at reasonable prices. Austin, Texas is not left out.

Wander ATX searched the internet and compiled the best and most reputable outlet stores in Austin, Texas so you can know where to visit. Your most frequently asked questions have also been answered. While these outlet stores all have their similarities in terms of what they offer, they have their individualistic differences that you will surely enjoy.