Neighborhoods with pools in Austin

Summer in Austin could be a difficult period. The heat during this season usually forces many residents to spend most of their time outdoors, especially in water. Instead of visiting different swimming holes or spending money at the municipal pools in Austin, you can easily make use of a pool in the neighborhood. Keep reading this article for more information on neighborhoods with pools in Austin.

Martin Neighborhood Pool

The Martin neighborhood Pool is in East Austin, along the Colorado River. The pool has taken a new look since work on its renovation has been completed. Visiting this pool is always fun but you might not like it if you go on the wrong date. This is because many people make use of the pool for swimming lessons and there is always a scheduled neighborhood swim meet at the pool.

Admission to this pool is free and there are also other amenities that you can enjoy at the pool. For instance, the pool is equipped with benches, shade structures, and an outdoor shower. It is 25 yards in size and it has 6 lanes. You can only access the pool through a chair lift.

Martin neighborhood pool in Austin

Canyon Vista Pool

You don’t have to go far if you live in North Austin and you need a pool where you can cool off in the afternoon during summer. This is one of the most popular pools in the neighborhood because of its location. It is an outdoor recreational pool, located in the Canyon Vista Middle School and usage of the facility is free.

If you intend to visit this pool, the best time you can go is in the afternoon. There will be enough time for you to relax and enjoy the pool. More people visit the pool in the late evening, especially children and adults that come for a swimming lesson. The pool is a 25-yard pool with 6 lanes. 

Canyon Vista Pool

Patterson Neighborhood Pool

This is another pool that is located in a park, the Patterson Park. The park is a favorite for many people, especially during weekend parties and hangouts. Apart from the pool, the park also has many facilities such as a volleyball court, tennis court, picnic tables, skateboard ramp, and others. The implication of this is that you plan your schedule before you visit the pool. There is a high chance that you will meet many people there.

Admission to the Patterson Pool is free and the only access to the pool is through the chair lift. Other amenities you can enjoy when you visit this pool are an outdoor shower and benches. The pool has 5 lanes and it is 20 yards in size.

Patterson Neighborhood Pool

Montopolis Neighborhood Pool

Located in Montopolis Park, this pool is for recreation and it has many facilities that make it the choice of many people. Some of the amenities available at the pool are an outdoor shower, shade structure, picnic table, a changing area, and many others.  

Though admission is free, you should plan your schedule before you visit to avoid visiting the pool on a crowded day. There is usually a recreational swim at the pool every weekday between 9 am and 4 pm and a lap swim from 4 pm to 7 pm. Access to the pool is either through a chair lift or ADA stairs. The size of the pool is 25 yards and it has 6 lanes.

Montopolis Neighborhood Pool

Dick Nichols Neighborhood Pool

Not only is this pool located in a park, but it also has many options that will make visiting the pool a memorable experience. The pool has a bigger and a smaller one. The smaller one is for toddlers and little children while adults and those who are learning how to swim can make use of the bigger pool. The two pools are separated by a fence.

You should plan your schedule if you are visiting this pool. 8 am to 12 pm on weekdays are for swim lessons and swim team while 12 pm to 7 pm is for recreational swimming during weekdays and weekends. Other amenities at the pool are changing area, a covered shower, and a changing area. Admission to the pool is free and access to it is through the chair lift. The pool has 10 lanes and it is 25 yards in size.

Dick Nichols Neighborhood Pool

Big Stacy Neighborhood Pool

This is a pool with a rich history. It is located in one of the most charming neighborhoods in South Austin, the Travis Heights neighborhood. One of the things that makes the pool popular is that it is open all year round. The pool is heated during winter and you can go there for a cool swim during summer. Irrespective of the purpose why you visit the pool, you can be sure that you will have more than enough fun.

Admission to the pool is free but there are activities meant for different days and hours. For instance, 6 am to 8 am on weekdays is for lap swimming while 10 am to 12 pm is for swim lessons. Nevertheless, weekends are for recreational and lap swimming only. The only access to the pool is through the chair lift and it is 33 yards in size with 6 lanes. Other things you can enjoy when you visit the pool are the family restroom, changing area, and others.

Big Stacy Pool

Ramsey Neighborhood Pool

This is a recreational pool that is divided into different sections. There is a deep section for adults and experienced swimmers while the shallow end of the pool is for toddlers and rookie swimmers. If you are visiting the Ramsey Neighborhood Pool with your children, ensure that they wear a floating device.

Admission to the pool is free and there are other amenities apart from the pool. For instance, there is a basketball court, a section dedicated to picnics, an outdoor shower, and a children’s playground. A chair lift is the only access to this 33 yards pool and it has 6 lanes.

Ramsey Neighborhood Pool

West Enfield Pool

This is a recreational neighborhood pool that is located at the intersection between Enfield Road and Mopac. The pool is designed in a manner that makes it suitable for different types of visitors. There is a shallow section for little children and newbie swimmers. The deeper end of the pool is for adults. Irrespective of your level, it is recommended that you get a floating device when you want to use the pool.

You need to plan your schedule when you want to go to this pool. On weekdays, the pool is open from 8 am to 10 am for the swim team, and 10 am to 12 pm for lap swim and swim team lessons. 12 am to 7 pm are the dedicated hours for recreational swimmers during weekdays and weekends. Admission to the pool is free and you can only access it through a chair lift. Other amenities at the pool are a changing area, picnic tables, and an outdoor shower.

Things you should pack when you are going to a neighborhood pool

Do you plan to visit any of the pools highlighted above? There are basic things such as a towel, swimsuit, and sunglasses. While these are basic things that you will need at the pool, you should also consider other things that are essential at the pool. Before heading out for the pool, check out some of the things highlighted below.

Change of cloth

Going to the pool with an extra shirt is good, especially when you plan to go back home from the pool. However, there are instances where you will want to go to other places from the pool. To avoid going in wet clothes, it is recommended that you go with a full change of cloth.

Drinking water

Though the pool has an abundance of water, the truth is that you cannot drink it. What will you do when you are thirsty? If you don’t want to pay for expensive water at the pool, you should pack at least a few bottles of drinking water when you are going. If possible, you keep the bottles of water in the freezer for hours before you leave home. This will ensure that the water is still cold by the time you want to drink it.


Your kids will likely be interested in snacks when you get to the pool. While going, you can pack a few snacks along with you. For instance, you can pack fruits and other snacks that your kids will be interested in. Keep them sealed in a bag.

First aid kit

While there will be professional lifeguards and other first aid items at the neighborhood pool, you should take a little bandage, alcohol wipes, and other necessary first aid items along with you in case of an emergency.

Extra towel

Though it is one of the things you will consider when you are packing for the pools, one per person in the family might not be enough to wipe you dry, especially when you are going for a second round. If possible, you should take an extra towel along with you.


There are other activities that you can do at the neighborhood pools apart from swimming. Nevertheless, you should plan your schedule before you visit any of the pools to avoid going on a crowded day.