Neighborhoods in Downtown Austin Texas

Downtown Austin Texas is an interesting place to be. There are many attention-grabbing neighborhoods with their own feel and appeal to life. If you’re excited about going to downtown Austin Texas, you will want to experience the whole place. 

Whether you were planning to stay there or establish a business, you need to know about the neighborhoods in downtown Austin. This information will not only help you make informed choices but will also open your eyes to the richness of Downtown Austin.

What are the neighborhoods in Downtown Austin

If you’re not familiar with Downtown Austin, you might feel overwhelmed if the need comes to make a decision on where to have a good meal, go on a date, start a business, relocate to, or just have fun sightseeing. Here are the neighborhoods in Downtown Austin:

Rainey Street district

This is one Downtown neighborhood that has more restaurants and bars than residential buildings. it is a place for whining and dining and fun. It is a place where people who want to play a game and wind down after a busy day meet to have fun and play games.

Sundays are wonderful days for having fun and listening to music. The Nightowl band is one of the most prominent in the area. Every Sunday people ensure they arrive on time for the band to begin.

The area is developing by the day and more people are likely to establish businesses in the area. That is to say within a few year’s time there are likely to be lots of offices for different businesses in this neighborhood.

Red River district

This is one neighborhood in Downtown Austin where there is an abundance of activities that facilitate nightlife like nightclubs. It is rich in live music and other performances that enhance social gatherings. Barbarella is one of the best places for a night dancing.  If you ever wish to spend your evenings having fun with your friends and loved ones, the red river district is one of the best neighborhoods to go to.

While you are having a nice evening, you can enjoy a richly-prepared barbecue. You can also visit the theater for more visual entertainment. There are some business outfits and non-governmental organizations as well as national enterprises in this area where you can find the City of Austin Police Department, the Salvation Army Center, and other prominent offices. One of the biggest offices in this district belongs to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

2nd Street district

The 2nd Street District is a lovely area with an amazing view of impressive and sophisticated houses and other buildings. It is an area that is reputable for its shopping strength. Here, you will find lots of fashion outfits, boutiques, and lots more for shopping a wide range of fashion wears. You’ll also find restaurants and hotels gracing the place and making it more aesthetically appealing.

If you ever feel like having lunch in the 2nd Street district, you will not be disappointed with the many eat-out spots. This place serves nice meals that will keep you satisfied for as long as you go there. Taverna is one of such interesting places where you can satisfy your taste bud without breaking the bank.

Market district

The market district is on the Western side of Downtown Austin. This district is always lively with lots of booming markets, whether you’re on 9th Street, 6th Street, Lamar, or Guadalupe. The 6th Street area of this district is also known for many offices converted from homes. Tourists like this area given the iconic sights and interesting views. Lamar boulevard is housing the Whole Food Flagship Store that has always drawn enthusiasts from far and near.

Social life in this area is highly impressive with lots of places to hang out including clubs, restaurants and fun places. Star Bar Rattle Inn and Ranch 616 are often frequented by people, both residents and visitors. This place houses lots of offices belonging to impressive companies like Google, Whole Foods headquarters, Under Armor, IBC Bank, and lots more.

Warehouse district

This is another lively area of Downtown Austin. With a lot of restaurants and bars around, it is easy to have an interesting time outside in this place. The place is social with lots of activities and interesting meals to go with them. Peche is one place to find interesting menus that will keep you entertained without being bored  anytime you get there. Places like Colorado and 4th Street have lots of interesting places for couples and lovers to hang out. It is easy to find lots of places on Cedar Street Courtyard to listen to cool music.

Cedar Street Courtyard

This district is also known for accommodating popular companies and organizations like Facebook, the University of Texas System, JP Morgan Chase, and so on. There are also impressive buildings and properties worthy of your time and camera clicks. Interesting buildings like the Lavaca Plaza and Chase Bank Tower are some of them.

Art district or Uptown

This neighborhood of Downtown Austin is famous for the University of Texas’ West campus and the Texa State Capitol. These landmarks have made the place popular and of course, frequented by politicians and politics-inclined individuals. This area is quite known for its legislative aura given the presence of the Supreme Court of Texas, Travis Courthouse, and so on. The entire atmosphere of this place is usually affected by the presence of political figures.

Also prominent in this area are a number of non-governmental organizations and small businesses. You also find the Texas Hospital Association in this area. The social life in this area is impressive. Although it is a quiet place, legislative offices make it bubble with people most time. There are different bars and restaurants to have a cup of coffee.

Congress avenue historic district

This is another interesting neighborhood in Downtown Austin that stretches from the Texas state capitol to Lady Bird Lake. This area is prominent for its formal appearance given the many office and corporate buildings around. It is popular for the Frost Bank Tower and other outstanding buildings. There are many skyscrapers that make it a beautiful view. You will also find museums and restaurants around.

There are many stores around for shopping for many things, including groceries. There are many bars and restaurants to wine and dine at any time of the day. If you’re having a lunch break or a nice evening out with your loved ones, Congress Avenue Historic District always has a provision for your preferred choice of a hangout place. The area is also rich in entertainment with places like the Paramount and State Theaters. There are several companies and organizations in this area. As such, you are likely to see a lot of people in formal and business casual attire. Being in this area is always fun.

Entertainment district

The entertainment district is really entertaining as the name implies. It is on 6th street and has a lively feel to it. If the nightlife of where you are matters to you, then you should try this neighborhood. There are several bars and restaurants that are open for business. This is the right place to wine and dine with your loved ones at the end of a busy day. There are nice hotels in the district like The Driskill Hotel. This is one of the old hotels in the area and is still functioning well.

When it comes to eating and drinking, this neighborhood does not disappoint. It has lots of restaurants and bars to keep you well-fed and entertained. This is a neighborhood where you can find great cocktails. There are lots of hotels and retail outfits. This district also boasts of lots of companies and firms with offices along with the street and story buildings.

Picking the right neighborhood in Downtown Austin

The neighborhoods in Downtown Austin and nice to live in. There are lots of interesting packages that will entice you to these areas. However, it is advisable to consider your purpose. Are you just going to have fun and go sightseeing? Are you going to work or stay there? You should have an idea of what company to work for or what business to set up and choose a neighborhood that provides a thriving market for it.

It is also advisable to consider how long you will be staying. If a neighborhood is okay for you and you want to live there, it is most advisable to consider other factors such as education, lifestyle, family, and other areas of convenience before choosing a neighborhood to settle in.


Downtown Austin is a rich area with lots of interesting neighborhoods where you can have fun and feel comfortable. In all of these neighborhoods, there is remarkable friendliness and they are socially healthy. There are lots of companies and businesses in the majority of the neighborhoods. There are restaurant bars and hotels to have fun, eat, and relax. Businesses are thriving in these neighborhoods and there are ample provisions for shopping for anything from groceries to fashion. While there are factors to consider before picking any of the neighborhoods, anyone will make a great choice if it ticks your boxes.