Neighborhoods for Families in Austin Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas and is a magnificent city in the central part of the state, not too far from the Colorado River. Austin was created in 1839 by Stephen F. Austin, who is known as the father of Texas. 

Among all other cities in the country, Austin is considered the best city in the country and offers its residents a high quality of life, a thriving market, exceptional colleges and universities, numerous recreational opportunities, beautiful parks, and beaches. Additionally, Austin is Texas’ greenest city.

Keep reading as you discover the best neighborhoods for families in Austin Texas.

Best Neighborhood for Families in Austin Texas

For many years, Austin has been one of the American cities with the quickest growth rates. Lately, there has been a large influx of people relocating to central Texas. People from more costly coastal cities have shown interest in the city because it offers greater employment prospects, zero income tax, and then a reduced cost of living. 

Additionally, Austin boasts one of the most entertaining musical and creative traditions and a thriving foodie scene, making it a fantastic location for those who like both the arts and cutting-edge technology.

However, young families, many of whom are first-time homeowners, have been finding it more difficult to purchase houses in Austin‘s most desired neighborhoods as more and more people relocate there every day. There are several communities to select from in the sizable city of Austin. It includes everything from North Austin’s more inexpensive neighborhoods like Round Rock to downtown Austin. 

It makes sense that you would want to reside in the nicest area available while relocating to Austin, Texas, for you and your family. The finest neighborhood in Austin, however, depends on a variety of criteria, and tastes might vary from family to family. 

Many families take into account, among other things, communities with the greatest schools, walkability, ideal housing market, and quality of life. Whatever area you choose, Austin is among the largest and fastest-growing cities in the nation and is one of the most sought-after locations in Texas for house sales. The neighborhoods below rank as the best for families in Austin Texas.

  • The Cherrywood Neighborhood

Cherrywood, a neighborhood in the center of the city that is home to roughly 5,000 people, is only around three miles from Downtown. Manor Road, Airport Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard, and Interstate 35 all encircle it. 

The 1980s saw the creation of Cherrywood, which included Willow Brook, Schieffer Place, French Place, University Park, and Avalon. Families, workers, service staff, retirees, and couples live in the highly desired area, which is quite tranquil. 

Many students are excited to call Cherrywood their home because of the neighboring University of Texas campus. There are several housing alternatives available, including homestead homes, lumber homes, Craftsman cottages, duplexes with two stories of stucco, and single-family homes.

The Austin Independent School District provides education for the area, and some of its prominent institutions include McCallum High School, Maplewood Elementary School, Campbell Elementary School, Kealing Middle School, and Lamar Middle School. The Mueller Lake Park, Thinkery, Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-in, Cherrywood Coffeehouse, Truffled Devil Eggs, and other attractions are just a few of the locations and activities that may be enjoyed by friends and family in Cherrywood, which is a reasonably priced and secure area.

  • The Windsor Park Neighborhood

If you are not a fan of master-planned neighborhoods, Windsor park is your best choice neighborhood. Windsor Park can be the right choice for your family if you’re looking for old-world appeal at an affordable price in Austin. With the bonus that downtown Austin is close by, this cherished area has all the advantages of a historic neighborhood.

With Windsor Park’s proximity to two important local thoroughfares, getting about town is simple. Additionally, it is within a 15-minute drive to the esteemed University of Texas at Austin. For those who work at the institution and for families who wish to keep their college-bound children close to home, this is a significant bonus. Families also adore the south-facing Bartholomew District Park, which features a splash pad for youngsters, a BBQ pit, and picnic areas.

In Windsor Park, you may find 1950s bungalows, 1970s ranches with one story, exquisitely refurbished historic houses, and more recent renovations that are ready to move into. The area’s charm is only increased by this unusual mix. Homeowners take special care to preserve their lawns since the community association holds a “Yard of the Month” contest.

  • The Avery Ranch Neighborhood

This master-planned community, which is a neighborhood in the northwest of the city, spans 1,800 acres and has over 4,000 residences. Avery Ranch is encircled by the cities of Cedar Park and West Round Rock, which are both located about 20 miles north of Downtown. 

Not only in Austin, but across the entire country, this neighborhood is among the fastest-growing neighborhoods. Avery Ranch is especially well-liked by families with kids of all ages and is the ideal blend of urban and suburban life. When it comes to housing, you have choices like modern condominiums and single-family homes.

Numerous more elementary, middle, and high schools, including Challenger School, Abacus School, Rutledge Elementary School, Henry Middle School, Vista Ridge High School, and McNeil High School, are located nearby. In addition to all of this, there are a ton of outdoor activity choices. 

The hiking and bicycling paths, tennis courts, 18-hole courses, basketball courts, pools, playgrounds, eateries, medical facilities, and retail malls are all available for your enjoyment. Two of the top neighborhood parks in Avery Ranch are Brushy Creek Lake Park and Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex.

  • The Brushy Creek Neighborhood

Families in Austin are drawn to Brushy Creek’s neighborhood’s top-rated schools and lovely single-family homes, making it a very desirable neighborhood. The area includes Cedar Park and Round Rock’s western regions, and it flows along the neighborhood’s eponymous creek. England Elementary School, regarded among the finest in the Austin metro area, is located there.

The highly respected public park system in Brushy Creek contributes to the community’s attractiveness in addition to its top-rated schools. Both Brushy Creek Lake Park and adjacent Brushy Creek Sports Park provide picturesque walkways, parks, and lake activities for families to enjoy.

Homes range in size from modest to substantial family-friendly dwellings, all situated in a picturesque environment. Expect to see children playing in the streets and trees lining

Homes range in size from modest to substantial family-friendly dwellings, all situated in a picturesque environment. It is among the most sought-after neighborhoods in the country because of its abundance of trees along the streets and children playing on beautifully groomed lawns.

  • The South Lamar Neighborhood

For new residents of Austin, South Lamar in South Austin provides a variety of housing options. All sorts of families may move into the area easily because of the community’s assortment of blocks of flats and detached homes.

The abundance of activities and world-class attractions close by are what make this area so fantastic. It is adjacent to Zilker Park and also the Barton Creek Greenbelt, where you can take your kids for lengthy walks through the Barton Hills or a swim in the beautiful Barton Springs to burn off some energy.

With all of its restaurants and shops, downtown Austin is only a short drive away. In addition, Lady Bird Lake and its magnificent boardwalk are nearby, to the neighborhood’s north. The Broken Spoke, Matt’s El Rancho, and the Austin Beer Garden are just a few of the nearby restaurants, small businesses, and event venues.

  • The Northwest Hills Neighborhood

Northwest Hills, a neighborhood in the northwest of the city, is sometimes referred to as Far West from one of its main thoroughfares, Far West Boulevard. This affluent and welcoming community is perched on a hill and is bordered by the roads RM 2222, Loop 360, Spicewood Springs Road, and MoPac Expressway. 

The fashionable area is well renowned for its never-ending natural beauty, which can be found in the form of breathtaking panoramic vistas, spotless streets, hills, and enormous trees. Residents (mainly families and students) can pick from a variety of housing alternatives, including ranch-style homes constructed in the 1940s and 1950s, condos, townhomes, single-family homes, blocks of flats, and Tuscan villas.

Northwest Hills

On a Final Note

These are only a few of the best neighborhoods for families in Austin Texas if you’re one of those considering relocating with your family. There are a ton of neighborhoods in Austin that are suitable for families and would suit young professionals also. 

There is something for everyone in Austin, from vibrant areas in the center of the city to small-town feelings on the outskirts. Flats, bungalows, high-rises, and brand-new single-family houses may be found in the area alongside quality schools, cafés, and playgrounds. 

No matter which part of Austin appeals to you the most for raising a family — whether you choose to live close to public transportation or further off the regular route, the city offers the ideal location for you.