Known local companies in Austin, Texas

Austin is not just the capital city of the State of Texas, it is also the main backbone of the state’s economy. The reason for this is the presence of many local companies in the city. This includes real estate companies, tech companies, product delivery companies, and many more. These companies are also the reason why Austin has been witnessing a surge in population in the last decade. Check out this article for more information on some of the local companies in the city of Austin.


Amazon needs no introduction to the e-commerce industry. The company is regarded as one of the most valuable all over the world. It is a leading American company, with many fulfillment centers that deliver products to millions of people all over the world. One of the company’s fulfillment centers is located in Austin. Amazon provides job opportunities to many residents of Austin to either work in the warehouse or as a member of the team.


Tech giant, Apple is a leading company in the production of software, electronics, personal computer, and phones. The company headquarters is in California but it has an office in Austin. Austin’s office was expanded in 2012, with the completion of the first phase in 2015 and the second phase in 2021. The expanded office then became the Operation Center for America. Apple’s office in Austin is responsible for the direct employment of more than 7,000 residents, who work as customer service agents or sales marketers.


AT&T is not just the largest provider of mobile telecommunication services in the United States with more than 210 million users, it is the largest telecommunication company in the world. This was due to the merger between the company and SBC in 2005. With many offices in Austin, the company is responsible for the employment of thousands of residents.

Wal-Mart stores

Wal-Mart is the world’s biggest retail corporation with its headquarters located in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company operates a chain of stores that is into sales of groceries, clothing, and many more at a discounted price. Wal-Mart has many stores in the city of Austin, where many residents work. An average Wal-Mart Supercentre occupies approximately 182,000 square feet. The interesting thing about Wal-Mart is that the store is into other services such as photo center, tire and lube center, and many other services.


This is one of the latest additions to the list of big companies in Austin. One of the world’s most valuable automakers, Tesla celebrated the opening of the Giga Tesla plant earlier this year. The plant in Austin is the biggest in the whole of the United States by size and will also be the highest volume in the history of the country’s auto plant.

Not only that, but the company also announced plans to move its headquarters to Austin. Since the announcement that Tesla’s factory would be established in Austin, many people have migrated to the state in anticipation of working there. It is estimated that the company will be responsible for the employment of thousands of Austin residents.


The social media giant, Facebook, before becoming Meta has had a reasonable presence in Austin since it moved one of its offices there about a decade ago. The parent company recently revealed its plan to expand by leasing some part of the new reportedly tallest skyscraper in Austin upon completion in 2023. Since it established its first office, Facebook has employed more than 2,000 residents and it is expected to employ more in the coming months.

What makes Austin a favorite destination for companies?

Austin is becoming more popular for being one of the favorite destinations for big companies in the country. This is due to the supporting facilities provided by the state and other conditions. Below are some of the reasons why Austin is a favorite destination for big companies in the United States. 

Tax rate

Unlike some other states, the tax in Texas is designed to make companies feel welcomed. For insurance, Texas is one of the few states without an individual income tax. This makes the state, especially the city of Austin attractive to many employees.

Not only is the tax attractive, but the state of Texas also has other incentives that attract new businesses and facilitate growth. The amount to be invested in the state, the type of jobs created and the number of potential employees is part of what determines the type of incentive that the state offers new companies and existing companies. 

Some of the state’s agents responsible for the incentive packages are the Texas Enterprise Zone Program and the Texas Enterprise Fund. For instance, the Texas Enterprise Fund is responsible for attracting the new company to the state and also providing the necessary assistance for the expansion of existing businesses. 


It is no news that Austin is a great place to live and work. That is, in fact, the reason why Forbes ranked the city as one of the best places to work in America. Also, the state is known for having conditions that support businesses. This is also the reason why the city has been attracting many big companies. There are a lot of companies, whose office is domiciled in Austin already and the state is welcoming more.  


Another reason why Austin has been attracting big businesses is the presence of an abundance of the workforce. The workforce population of Austin and the state of Texas represents one of the most educated groups in the country. 

The 48% average population of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree is more than the national average. The workforce is also younger and the city is blessed with graduates from the University of Texas. In addition, the Austin workforce is also the youngest in the country. 

Reasons why people move to Austin in search of the American dream

Austin, Texas is ranked and has won several awards for being one of the best cities where the American dreams could be fulfilled. Do you want to be part of this story? Take a closer look below for some of the reasons.  


One of the cities where you can get a good job is Austin. Many of the residents can claim to be employed because the unemployment rate in Austin is one of the lowest nationally. Moreover, An average worker in Austin earns about $64,000 annually while those working in the big tech companies earn higher than that. 


While the state has incentives for businesses, which makes the cost of doing business low, the cost of living is also relatively low. For instance, the cost of transport, groceries, and other utilities is low compared to the national average. 

Moreover, healthcare and housing in Austin are low, compared to the cost in other big cities. What makes the city more affordable to many is the absence of personal income tax. This made the city one of the fastest-growing in population and economy in the US. 


Austin is not only growing in population, but the city is also growing in infrastructure to meet the needs of the booming population. Several developmental projects are currently going on in the city. 

The ongoing infrastructural developments in the city upon completion will enhance the lives of the residents, improve the economy, and create more jobs. This makes the city a favorite destination for those who are seeking a city to kick-start their career.  

Varieties of industries

While Silicon Valley is regarded by many as the American technology hub, Austin is gradually providing the needed competition. The city boasts of many tech companies that are responsible for the employment of many residents. 

Many leading companies have made Austin their home after escaping from the high cost of doing business in other states. The Texas Enterprise Fund is there to make it easier for the relocation companies. Not only are big companies relocating to Austin, but start-ups are also springing up in the city, especially from the University of Texas. 

While tech companies are dominant in the Austin industry’s sector, other companies are also thriving. For instance, the hospitals and the leisure companies are doing well in Austin and they are responsible for the employment of thousands of residents. Some other companies are the transport, trade, and utility service companies.  

People of Great Austin

If you seek a city that is blessed with an abundance of residents from different backgrounds, Austin is the place. The people are loving and from different backgrounds. Being a city with people from diverse backgrounds does not take away the close relationship enjoyed by the residents. That is one of the reasons why Austin is regarded as one of the safest cities.


One of the best places to get a job easily in the whole of the nation is Austin. Several platforms ranked the city as number one. Are you contemplating moving to Austin? Do not hesitate.