History of Austin Tx

Austin is one of the biggest states in the United States of America. However, it hasn’t always been the busy state we have today. It is a gentle bend along the Colorado River where many people resided and lived peacefully before civilization came. 

You can’t discuss Austin without talking about the old nomadic tribes of Lipan, Comanche, Apaches, and Tonkawas, who farmed and hunted around the Barton springs. Here is a detailed history of Austin and some of the things you should know about this beautiful place in Texas.

How it all started – Early history of Austin

The birth of Austin, Tx began around 1939 when tiny Waterloo was picked as the new capital of Texas. A new city was developed around the wilderness and was coined after Stephen F. Austin, the founder of Texas. The first mayor, Edwin Waller, laid out the plans for this city and surveyed the land. In Late October 1839, many people migrated from Houston using oxcarts. 

By January 1840, Austin’s population had grown to 876 people. A fresh city plan was proposed to have a hilltop site where the capitol building will face the colorado River via Broad Congress avenue. Since then, Pecan Street and The Avenue have remained a crucial business district for more than 159 years. 

Around the 1880s, things started improving in Austin, becoming a huge city. In 1889, an iconic capitol building known as the 7th most prominent building in the world was built as stated in the 1839 city plan. XIT Ranch financially supported this grand building, which remains a monumental landmark in Austin. This building also remains the center of governance in the city.

In September 1881, public schools began admitting students into classes. Also, in that year, the Tillotson college was opened. There were several frantic efforts to build a new University of Texas in Austin; however, it faced several difficulties. Parents in Austin were warned against sending their wards to schools that are close to government officials, as it could affect their morals. 

The Great Granite Dam was built in 1893, another massive milestone for Austin. This Dam helped stabilize the colorado river and produced hydraulic power for all residents. This attracted more industries and manufacturers to the city. A key government official in Austin who helped attract government-funded dams for the town was Lyndon Baubles Johnson. In 1950, many research firms and tech companies were founded in the city, which drew intelligent people to the town.

 This helped Austin to become an economic powerhouse in the USA. With time, there were more library systems, movie theaters, and financial institutions. Austin’s political activity took a massive leap in the 1970s, both at local and state levels. Many excellent neighborhoods sprang up and historical preservation communities, which makes  Austin an iconic city. We can’t just forget about Barton springs which have continued to make water flow easily. 

Austin has attracted many immigrants, which includes from Africa, Asia, and Mexico. Music in Austin had a rebirth in 1980 with famous names like Willie Nelson and David Rodriguez, popular in the city and around the USA. Today, Austin has a cultural life and significant technology innovations by everyone linked to the town. 

This success has made Austin a national pride in the city. Residents of Waterloo have been viewed in awe as the city has continued to transform into one of the best cities to be in the country.

What makes Austin different from other Texas cities?

Irrespective of what you have heard of Austin, this city is very different from other Texas cities. It has its unique traditions, values, and cultures. Here is something that set it different from other cities in Texas :

Environmental Friendly

What makes Austin unique from other Texan cities is the vast amount of parks and additional natural preservation close to the city center. Austin provides the scenery for outdoor enthusiasts with beautiful places like the Barton Creek greenbelt. This place spans 8.0 miles with gorgeous trails and great hiking spots. The Greenbelt is known to have the best hiking places in Texas. 

There is also a zilker urban park which is heavily used in the city. Zilker connects Lady Bird Lake, where you can enjoy kayaking, swimming, and fishing. Don’t also forget that Austin is very pet-friendly as you will find stores and restaurants allowing pet-friendly patios.


Austin has been called the Capital city of the world, and you need to experience its live music to know how deep music is rooted there. Austin usually hosts many huge music concerts yearly like Austin City limits, South by Southwest, and the great pecan Street Festival. Asides from these lathe festivals in the city, you can also see music played at more negligible levels like broken spoke or the elephant room. You get to experience all genres of music from jazz, pop, and R & B.

Tech Savvy

When talking about technology, you can’t but mention Austin in Texas. Several top technological firms like Dell and others around the Silicon Valley. Austin is home to many startup firms and new technology companies. Computing institutions can be found around the city like IBM, Apple, and AMD. 

Many of these firms also embrace sustainable energy, which is trendy worldwide. Austin is one of the cities with Google fiber access to people residing there.

Local business-minded

The economy of this city thrives on small merchants like coffee stores, boutiques, and local art galleries. Also, many of these local ventures have grown and have a national appeal, like Whole Foods, Kendra Scott, Yeti coolers, and Chuys restaurant.

In Austin, all your dreams and aspirations are possible as start-ups have the chance to expand without any problems. There are many local and organic nutrition movements that are famous in herbal stores, local fans, and gardens.

Access to good health options

Austin has been known to have an excellent health service with many healthy residents. There are also alternative medical therapies like Yoga studios, fitness classes, and running groups. Due to the plethora of massive residents, there are significant health options like reiki practitioners, meditation, and acupuncture. 

You can also find many trucks which transport foods for the teeming vegan population residing there. The breakfast tacos in Austin also provide a good source of diet, which is difficult to resist.

Iconic places in Austin, Tx

There are several essential landmarks in Austin which link to the history of Austin, Tx. These places give you an experience that is difficult to forget in a while. Here are the top places to visit in Austin, Texas :

Texas Capitol 

Those who say everything is massive in Austin, Tx, aren’t wrong. The Texas capitol is a golden dome about 23 feet taller than the Capitol in Washington. This place was built in 1885 using an Italian renaissance style. You can find this park in the 22-acre Park with other beautiful statues. You can take a 25 minutes tour around this place without paying any fee. 

Zilker Park 

Zilker Park has a 352-acre with many fun things to do. You can find pretty picnic sites, basketball courts, Botanical Gardens, and a birth center. However, the most crucial point of this park is the Barton Springs Pool. This place is formed by natural springs and spans more than 4 acres, and the temperature is about 21 Celsius. This is a place tourists and visitors in the country should have on their bucket list. It can be found around Colorado, and you can relax without problems. 

Bullock Texas State History museum 

The Bullock Texas state history museum is where you can get a detailed history of Austin. The story of Austin can be told through 3 floors of good exhibits. These floors have unique themes where you can see different movies and clips about the history of Austin, Tx. After taking a walk around this place, you can cool down at the cafe for snacks and coffee. 

Congress Avenue Bridge 

You can find millions of Mexican free-tailed bats around the Congress bridge in Austin, which makes it the most significant bat colony in the world. When you come to this place in the evening, you will see these bat’s covering the sky. You can stay at the bridge or sit around the river banks to have a better view. This is a must-see sight for everyone in Austin. 


If you love an area where there are significant Latino influencers, then Holly is a great suggestion. This is one of the most trendy places in Austin where you can enjoy the nightlife. Along the northern side of this place, you can find small and medium shopping stores close to 7th street. If you want to take the famous Latino tacos, this is the place to get them. 


The history of Austin, Tx, is profound as the city is one of the oldest in the country. Austin has many tech, beverage, nutrition, and industrial companies providing jobs for millions of people. Many iconic places in the city show how far Austin has come, what it is now, and what the future holds for this American city.