Best Apartments in Downtown Austin, TX-The Ultimate Guide

Getting an apartment can be tedious if you’re looking for some of the best apartments in downtown Austin, TX.

Just before searching for the best apartments in downtown Austin, TX, it’s safer to have your facts right and have yourself prepared. Renting an apartment requires a lot of prerequisite knowledge like prepping your budget, checking out apartments on the list, and checking to be sure they suit your taste as well as other processes.

Still, the good news is that getting an apartment in Downtown Austin, Tx, is a great option and has a lot of catchy options like The Bowie, The Clark, Northshore, etc made available for you to make your pick when you’re looking for an apartment. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best apartments in Downtown Austin, Tx that you should check out first before making a decision.

Before we jump straight into some of the best apartments in downtown Austin, Tx, we’ll take a look at some important details to take note of first.

Key Things To Take Note Of Before Getting An Apartment In Downtown Austin, TX

The idea of living in an apartment in downtown Austin, TX, and around a comfortable neighborhood is great, but there are things you should take note of before you get or rent an apartment. Here are a few of them:

  • Location

The location of an apartment seems like the most important thing to look out for and it is. You should get an apartment around your preferred location according to your needs or interest.

  • Budget

Your budget is as important as your interest, needs, and choice of location. The best apartments in downtown Austin, Tx, come with a lot of options that have varying prices attached to them.

  • Floor Plans And Layouts 

The spacing, layouts, and floor plan is also something that should be of great importance when getting an apartment. The layouts of every part of the apartment should be comfortable and up to par for you.

  • Availability Of Storage And Modernised Appliances

Comfort is a major concern when it comes to apartments and as such, getting an apartment with the right space for storage and with the necessary appliances should be a top priority.

There should be spaces made available in places like closets, and other repository spaces. The apartment should also have appliances that are modernized and up to date as an apartment cannot function without them.

  • Noise-Free

A noise-free environment cannot be entirely achieved in any neighborhood, but the level of it varies. If you’re looking for an apartment in downtown Austin, Tx, there are lots of apartments in different neighborhoods that have varying noise levels. It all depends on your preference.

  • Type Of Apartment 

This is also another crucial part of apartment hunting that one should take note of. The best apartments in downtown Austin, TX, offer a wide range of apartments. As an individual meaning to get an apartment, your choice of apartment matters a lot according to your need or interest. It could either be a 1- bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom apartment, studio apartment, and so on. Still, it leans on your budget and your preference.

At the end of the day, the best apartments in downtown Austin, TX, have a lot to offer to renters and it solely depends on the individual’s choice.

Additional aspects you can also decide to take note of are:

  •  The security status of the neighborhood.
  • The apartment’s proximity to other facilities like a hospital, grocery shops, library, etc. This too is dependent on an individual’s interests or needs.
  • The scenery of the neighborhood.

Apartment Amenities 

Apartment amenities are features that enhance living in a house or an apartment. Here are a few must-have amenities you should look out for in an apartment in some of the best apartments in downtown Austin, TX.

  • Kitchen amenities 
  • Swimming pool and other outdoor amenities like playgrounds, gardens, etc.
  • Pet-friendly amenities
  • Thermostats.
  • Gym; and others.

Best Apartments In Downtown Austin, TX

Now, let us go over some of the best apartments in downtown Austin, TX.

The Bowie

Apartments around or in The Bowie are covered in style and give utmost comfort. With enough amenities to enhance your living, it proves to be a great option if you’re seeking an apartment in downtown Austin.

The Bowie apartments


  • Has a lot of functional amenities like balconies, parking lots, internet access, etc.
  • Stunning view of the city and lake.
  • High-rise building.
  • Catchy style.
  • Pet-friendly environment.
  • Available in different floor plans or apartment types; and others.


  • It can get noisy occasionally.
  • There are more pool parties and the likes.         

Gables Park Tower

At Gables Park Tower, you’re open to a lot of benefits if you’re looking to get or rent an apartment in downtown Austin, Tx. With a lot of amenities, you’re sure to have a great experience.


  • It’s a great place to get an apartment.
  • Pet-friendly environment.
  • Availability of different floor plans for your choosing.
  • A lot of catchy and beneficial amenities.
  • Nice building; and others.


  • It could get noisy in the neighborhood.


The Northshore is another great choice of apartment in downtown Austin. Here’s why you should also consider Northshore apartments in downtown Austin.


  • It is luxurious and very elegant.
  • It’s a high-rise building.
  • Well-modernized amenities like guest suites, pools, etc.
  • Well furnished in-built units; 
  • Exceptional skyline and lake view.
  • Proximity to places like Trader Joe’s and more.


  • It can be quite expensive.

Camden Rainey Streets 

Camden Rainey Streets apartments also offer affordable apartments with functioning amenities as well as different floor plans and apartment types like studio apartments, 1 bedroom apartments, etc.


  • Exceptional high-rise building.
  • Availability of very functional and efficient amenities.
  • Nice buildings.


  • It can get noisy.

The Catherine 

As an individual looking for a comfortable and luxurious high-rise apartment, you can also check out The Catherine whilst on your search for the best apartments in downtown Austin, TX.


  • Available in different floor plans.
  • Pet friendly.
  • Exquisite amenities such as a rooftop lounge/bar as well as others.
  • Nice modern building.


  • It is not exactly located downtown, although it gives a view of downtown Austin.

AMLI On Second

Another option you can consider when going apartment hunting is to check out AMLI On Second apartments in downtown Austin, TX.


  • Luxurious apartments.
  • A high-rise building.
  • Efficient and functioning amenities.
  • Different floor plans are available depending on your preference.


  •  The floorplan available is for 1 and 2-bedroom apartments.

Windsor On The Lake

Windsor On The Lake proves to be one of the luxurious apartments you can find in downtown Austin. With amenities and features that are proven to be satisfactory, it’s an offer you can explore while searching for an apartment.


  • It’s a luxurious high-rise apartment building. 
  • Stunning view of scenery like The Lady Bird Lake and the likes.
  • Efficient and effective in-built amenities and more.


  • The available floor plans are for 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments.

Other than the options listed above, options of some of the best apartments in downtown Austin, TX not listed above also include:

  1. Seven
  2. The Clark
  3. Ashton Austin
  4. Gables Park Plaza
  5. Skyhouse
  6. 404 Rio Grande
  7. 3Waller
  8. Pressler
  9. Hanover Republic Square
  10. AMLI Downtown 
  11. Alexan Waterloo
  12. Whitley
  13. 5th Street Commons and many more.

Take your time to go through each apartment option listed above and be sure to choose an apartment based on your preference, your budget, and your needs as well as it would help you narrow down your search amongst the long list of options provided for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is it worth it to get an apartment in downtown Austin, Tx?

Yes, it’s definitely worth it. Downtown Austin provides a lot of options for individuals seeking to get an apartment and with different interests. So whatever your reason, be it for a change of scenery, work or school, you’re sure to get a good value for your money.

  1. Is it costly to secure an apartment in downtown Austin?

 The prices for apartments in downtown Austin, TX are subject to change. So it all relies on your wants, funds, and the type of apartment you want to purchase. 


Getting an apartment in Austin and choosing what type is dependent on the individual in question. Most of the best apartments in downtown Austin, Tx are exceptional options but only depend on what you like as an individual and what you’re able to afford.

Most people love a serene and quiet neighborhood and would usually opt for a simple yet modern apartment in downtown Austin. On the other hand, some people love a feeling of luxury and elegance and would rather opt for something that suits a luxurious style or taste. Whatever the case, it’s essential that you know that you can get both options in the downtown side of Austin, Tx.

Seeking the best apartments in downtown Austin, Tx is not a bad idea as Texas has a lot of options that you can explore. Take time and select the one that fits your requirements.