What River Runs Through Austin, TX?

What is the name of the river in Austin Texas?

Austin Texas is one of the most outdoor friendly cities in Texas. With ample opportunity for activities like hiking, picnics, biking, kayaking, and boating, Austin is perfect for someone who enjoys the perks of an urban life as well as a life outdoors. Like many other cities in the United States, Austin is located very close, in fact pretty much on top of, a major river. Many residents in Austin take pride in the river and take measures to protect it. Austin Wildland Conservation works hard to protect the outdoor areas around the city and make sure that the river in Austin remains a clean and reliable source of fresh water for the city.

Some newer residents and visitors may not have had an opportunity to experience everything that the River in Austin has to offer. Before we go into all that we need to answer a simple question about this river that provides Austin with so much. Let’s introduce our beautiful river by name.

What is the name of the River in Austin, TX?

The river in Austin, TX is called the Colorado River. No this is not the same river that has chiseled the Grand Canyon over the past couple thousand years, but we like to think that the Colorado River in Austin, TX provides just as much joy and entertainment for our neighbors. With activities like fishing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, tubing, and swimming, the Colorado River in Austin is a true asset to the city and its residents.

Be sure to explore and take advantage of the awesome activities that the Colorado River provides in Austin, TX. There are many opportunities to make a morning, an afternoon, or even a full day out of fun on the river. Check out awesome kayak or tube rental opportunities for an easy and exciting way to get outside and explore Austin from the water.

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