Top Parks to Visit in Austin, TX

Top Parks to Visit in Austin TX

Are you having a hard time getting outside? A park is a great place to be outdoors and get some fresh air with friends, family and pets. Austin’s abundance of greenery is a beautiful feature that makes living here a pleasure, but especially now. We’ve got you covered with this guide to the prettiest parks around, whether you’re looking for a sunny spot to doze off for the afternoon, a picnic with your family, or a stroll with your pup.

Butler Metro Park 

1000 Barton Springs Rd

Located next to Vic Mathias Shores (formerly Auditorium Shores), Butler Park is Austin’s most recognized park. There is plenty of parking, and you can watch people walk by. You cannot go wrong with a date in this park. Beautiful granite docks providing breathtaking views of Austin’s skyline and a beautiful granite dock for viewing the lake make this park a peaceful urban oasis. There is no charge for drinking at this park, so it’s ideal for picnics with your special someone.

Why is it unique?

A relaxing, low-key date at this park is ideal.

Zilker Park 

2100 Barton Springs Rd

As Austin’s most beloved park, Zilker Park is excellent for events like the Kite Festival and ACL Music Festival, held on “Rock Island” and “Great Lawn.” Zilker Park is the center of Austin. You can play pick-up soccer here, take your dog off-leash, and laze on blankets while listening to music.

Why is it unique?

For those looking to relax or participate in outdoor activities, this park is perfect.

Sculpture Falls

Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail

The Austin Greenbelt boasts a natural swimming hole. With Sculpture Falls, you can enjoy the year-round coolness of the creek’s water while swimming, lazing in the sun, or playing with dogs. The distance from the greenbelt entrance to the falls is 1.5 miles, so it takes about 30 minutes to hike there. There is no need to worry about getting to the Hill of Life, as it isn’t too difficult to get there, but you’ll likely break a sweat hiking back up. 

Why is it unique?

Hiking and sunbathing are two great activities you can do in this park.

Onion Creek Metropolitan Park 

8652 Nuckols Crossing Rd

Dog owners will appreciate Onion Creek Metropolitan Park, one of the best places in town to bring their pet to hike. If you and your pup want to go for a swim, you can also find a creek that occasionally fills up with water. You’ll also be able to find a secluded spot there since the park is still relatively unknown. At this park, you can drink beer and other drinks without a permit!

Why is it unique?

You can hike here as well as swim with your dog.

Pease Park

1100 Kingsbury St.

The park includes volleyball and basketball courts, a playground, as well as a splash pad, making it a playground dream for almost every kid (and pretty much every adult). In addition to the cement picnic tables, trails lead to Shoal Creek nearby! Pease District Park welcomes you to bring beer. We checked with you.

Why is it unique?

There are many things to do at this park, from playing with small children to jogging on Shoal Creek’s trails.

Mayfield Park 

3505 W 35th St

There’s nothing like a picnic in Mayfield Park, which is right next to Laguna Gloria. It’s the flock of beautiful peacocks wandering free in Mayfield that draws the most attention. It has no admission fee, which makes it even more unique. You should leave your brew at home, though.

Why is it unique?

Watching peacocks is one of the best things to do in this park!

Mueller Lake Park 

4550 Mueller Blvd

Over 140 acres of parks, trails, and open space spread across Mueller Lake Park, located near Dell Children’s Hospital. Take advantage of brand-new trails for hiking and biking that are five miles long. If you have parked your vehicle, stop at the nearby food truck lot to grab a bite.

Why is it unique?

Walking around the water and feeding the ducks are great things to do at this park.

Givens Park 

3811 E 12th St

One of Austin’s older public parks, Givens Park boasts an astounding array of sporting facilities that include T-ball fields, basketball courts, and baseball diamonds. Givens Recreation Center, which is available to the community, also features fitness classes and a great swimming pool. It isn’t allowed to take alcoholic beverages into this family-friendly, active park, so bring your brewski home after your workout.

Why is it unique?

Recreational activities such as swimming and fitness classes are available here.

Emma Long Metropolitan Park 

Park 1600 City Park Rd

Emma Long Park can be accessed for a charge of $5 per person and is located in West Austin. Although the entrance fee is high, it’s well worth it. Besides volleyball and basketball courts and a vast array of picnic tables, Emma Long Park also features primitive camping facilities within Austin city limits.

Why is it unique?

Camping or picnicking by the water is a great way to spend the night or to enjoy this park.

Covert Park at Mount Bonnell

3800 Mt Bonnell Rd

Enjoy the privacy and views of Covert Park. At Covert Park, you’ll have to climb an arduous stairway to reach Mount Bonnell, but it’s worth it for the stunning views. Panorama views of the Colorado River and luxurious homes are available from here as well. 

Why is it unique?

If you want truly spectacular photos, you should arrive at least one hour before sunset.

Red Bud Isle

3401 Redbud Trail

Red Bud Isle is a park along the Colorado River. Since this park is a bit of a hidden gem, you’re likely to see exceptionally few other people or dogs in it, so your dog can be off-leash most places. 

Why is it unique?

Parking at the park is a bit challenging because of its island location, so it’s best to arrive earlier on weekend mornings if you want a spot.

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